The mission of the Career Planning and Counseling Division is to strengthen students' adaptive abilities, learning effectiveness, and development of their potential.


    ● Assist students in self-discovery.

    ● Help students to make appropriate career choices by cooperating with enterprises.

    ● Help students to the connect with human resource specialists.

    ● Help students to explore and understand themselves.

    ● Help students to promote self-esteem and build up confidence.

    ● Help students to establish career objectives and promote occupational capacity.

    ● Help students to explore their potential and create personal value.


● Build up connections between students and enterprises in terms of career counseling, job placement, and self-realization.

● Match students to appropriate enterprises in line with societal trends to create a win-win situation. 

● Use positive psychology to enhance students’ adaptation abilities, learning outcomes, and life planning.

● Enhance students’ mental and physical health, as well as potential development through Service-Learning.

● Promote the correct concepts of career development and working attitude.

● Provide all types of measurements and career counseling to assist students in understanding and evaluating themselves and to equip students with techniques for job-hunting.

● Understand students' career status through alumni follow-up surveys, and analyze the trends of the job market to assist students in  applying their competence to the job.

● Build up reciprocal relationships with between enterprises, and actively invite enterprises to recruit their employees through “JOB BANK” system.

●Utilize the Internet and set up job information survey system to understand the related information concerning job market and further education both in Taiwan and abroad so that students know the trends of the job market and further education.

Broaden students’ views on globalization and life-long learning.