1. Individual Counseling: Assist students in self-awareness, self-exploration, and problem-solving through one-on-one counseling service to promote self-change and self-development.

Part-time psychiatrists for on-campus consultation:

There are part-time psychiatrists available on both Taipei and Taoyuan campuses and collaborating hospitals provide service for students. Students can apply for registration at the Counseling and Guidance Center.

2. The promotion activities for Mental Health 3-Level Prevention: Hold special topic lectures, workshops, movie appreciation, reading groups and growth groups related to mental health.

3. Psychological testing: Hold individual or group psychological tests, including interests, character, learning and values.

4. Counseling Week with mental health topic: Hold a series of activities for gender relations, life education, and settling of body and mind.

5. Hold counseling activities on Departmental Transfer, Transfer Students and Freshmen Counseling.

6. Provide counseling information: Provide articles related to mental health on the website of the Counseling and Guidance Center and in MC Magazine for faculty members’ and students’ reference.

Counseling Hours

  • Taipei Campus:Monday ~ Friday - 9:10-12:00, 13:10-17:00
  • Taoyuan Campus:Monday ~ Friday - 9:10-12:00, 12:50-16:40
  • Jihe Complex, Kinmen Location, Michigan Location: Arranged upon request

Administration Staff Hours

  • Taipei & Taoyuan Campus:Monday ~ Friday – 8:20-21:00


Disabilities Resource Room Services

1.  Equipment and Space

Disabilities Resource Room provides assistance equipment, such as language learning machine, computers with big screens (for students with visual disability), listening impairment assistance system, wheelchairs, canes (for students with physical disability), books, audio books, recorders, recording pens, earphones and other learning equipment.

2. Test Assistance Service

Our staff is here to help students with disabilities. The services we provide include arranging appropriate test classroom, allowing flexibility in ways that students take examinations and providing other necessary services to meet individual needs of students.

3. Part-time job opportunities for students with disabilities

4. Learning Tutorial Service

Study tutors (e.g., one-on-one tutors, or small-group tutors) can be arranged based on students’ needs or special learning difficulties. Also, students with disabilities can copy and print out handouts/papers for learning purposes at no cost.

5. Transition Service

In order to help freshmen and graduating students make smooth transitions to new phases of their life, the Disabilities Resource Room holds an orientation for freshmen, provides school application services and job search support to graduating students.

6. On-campus Coordination

MCU holds regular coordination meetings to ensure the needs of students with disabilities are met: (1) Counseling Students with Disabilities Meeting: The meeting serves as a platform where students with disabilities, students’ parents, and class advisors can discuss their concerns. Meetings will be held at Taipei and Taoyuan campus respectively on a regular base. (2) Special Education Column: Special Education Column invites experts to share their opinions on special education issues and encourages conversations between experts and class advisors to help students. Information on activities held by the Disabilities Resource Room or latest news is distributed along with the Special Education Column. Students with disabilities are welcomed to join different activities and use resources as needed.

7. Resource Information for Students with Disability

The information includes service items of Disabilities Resource Room, MCU barrier-free facilities, all kinds of policies and assistance for students with disabilities, and social welfare information. This information for students with disabilities can be found in the Disabilities Resource Room bulletin. The latest news on scholarships, part-time job opportunities, studying abroad, graduate school applications, recruiting company lists and useful social services is updated frequently.

8. Mental Health Counseling

Licensed counselors provides different forms of mental health services, such as individual counseling, group counseling or administering psychological tests and explaining test results.

9. Career Counseling

Disabilities Resource Room provides career counseling services to facilitate students’ career development. Those services include career counseling, career transition services, and vocational assessments.


1.  Group activities for students with disabilities

The Disabilities Resource Room holds regular beginning-of-semester parties, end-of-semester parties, farewell parties for graduating students and other kinds of activities to help students establish their social networks and expand their interaction opportunities with others.

2. Career development activities

Disabilities Resource Room prepares senior students to enter the job market with different types of career development activities (e.g., administering career interest inventories or personality tests in group settings). Other career-related activities are held to facilitate students in other different cohorts to explore their career interests.

Campus Administrative Services regarding Students with Disabilities

1.  Exempt from rules on withdrawal from study due to academic performance

According to University Act (amendment on Jan 3, 2007) Article 26: “The mentally and physically disabled pursuing degrees may request prolonging their studying term to a maximum of 4 years for special needs, and are exempt from withdrawal rules due to academic performance.”

2. Students with disabilities may apply to reduce course load minimum to 9 credits based on their special needs.

3. Assistance for students with physical disabilities on Taipei campus

    (1) Disabilities Resource Room can help students with lower limb impairments apply for Campus Shuttle Pass or Drive-in Taxi Pass to get into the campus. Students can take campus shuttle buses at the bus stop at the foot of the hill.

    (2) Disabilities Resource Room may negotiate with General Affairs Division to pick up students with physical impairments or with special needs by campus shuttle buses at the foot of the hill. The time to pick students up can be arranged based on students’needs.

    (3) Students with disabilities who study in in-service programs have priority to apply for parking permits and are exempt from the lot drawing.

4. Test Assistance Service

The Disabilities Resource Room and all academic departments help students with disabilities to arrange appropriate test classrooms, allowing flexibility in ways that students can take examinations and providing other necessary services to meet individual needs of students.

5. Priority Parking Spaces

Taipei campus sets priority parking spaces and puts up barrier-free signs for students with disabilities near the following locations: A Building, Basketball court, and the International Conference Room. General Affairs Division manages all priority parking spaces for students with disabilities. If priority parking spaces are not in use, campus shuttle buses or campus service cars are allowed to park in priority parking spaces.

6. Locations of Disabilities Resource Rooms

Taipei campus: in the right wing of Administration Building A, next to the Fubon Bank ATM

Taoyuan campus: S212, 2F of Financial Technology Building II (S)