Brief Introduction


1. Introduction of the test

The Competence Inventory was researched and developed by MCU CIOP professors: Lin, Pang-Chieh, Cheng, Shu-Chen, Hsu, Ying-Shao and Lin, Lin-Min. CSIE and the Information Network Division further set up links via the Student System in order to make the Competence Inventory easily accessible. Test results can be accessed under the heading e-Portfolio.

Developed from the compatibility core competence, the “Competence Inventory” is a high validity and reliability evaluation tool based on individual knowledge, skills, attitude and personality in finishing job/ tasks successfully, as well as improving present and future performance.

2. Purpose of the test

The mine “Commonality Competence” assists students in beteer understanding themselves in the workplace and further assists students in developing their capabilities and expertise in order to enhance individual employment abilities. Through this inventory, students can assess their strengths and weaknesses and work towards boosting efficiency in their career and learning plan.

3. Test Method

The test can be surveyed either by an individual or group. To take the test, please visit the MCU website and log into the Student System. It takes about 15 minutes for completion. All students are welcome to take this test.

    (1) Individual: After completion of the test individual results is automatically stored in student’s e-Portfolio. In addition, an appointment can be made with a career advisor in order to analyze the student’s test result.

    (2) Class/ Group: An appointment can be made with a career advisor in order to do the test and for a class consultation session.