【Art Therapy Workshop on Taipei Campus】Fast & Slow: Rediscovery of Self through Art-Making

Have you heard of Art Therapy? Are you curious about self-exploration through the process of art-making?

Come and join us to explore how different art materials (e.g., alcohol ink on tiles) and creative processes can help open up ourselves to our awareness and enhance self-understanding.


Topic: ART THERAPY WORKSHOP — Fast and Slow: Rediscovery of Self through Art-making

Time: 12:10-2:40pm, Friday, December 01, 2023 — OFFICIAL LEAVE granted by request (please see the form below)

Location: B505 (Taipei Campus)  

Facilitator: Yun-Che Chiu, Registered Art Therapist & Licensed Counseling Psychologist

Who is this workshop for? Students from International College (Taipei Campus) who are interested in exploring themselves through the artmaking process. This workshop will be led in English. No art skills are required!


Sign up:https://eform.mcu.edu.tw/node/3531

Please contact Ms. Pin-Chieh Lai via email  if you have any questions in regards to this event: pchlai@mail.mcu.edu.tw. Thank you!